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PaddlePunks is an underground fighting tennis game with local play against several levels of AI difficulty, as well as online and local multiplayer.

There's a cast of characters that all play quite differently. Want to force your opponent to play breakout instead of pong? Pick wizard.

The game is still quite early in development and the assets are largely placeholders (there to get a feel for how things work) but the gameplay itself is solid.


You shouldn't need to forward ports, but if people have trouble connecting, forward whatever port you want to use. Default is 2222. 


Directions:           Arrows, WASD, D-Pad, Left Analog Stick
A (Normal)            Z, J, Gamepad X
B (Special)           X, K, Gamepad Y
C (Special)           C, L, Gamepad Right Bumper
S (Super)             V, ;, Gamepad B, Gamepad Left Bumper
D (Dash)              Shift, Space, Gamepad A
E (Emote)             E, O, Gamepad Left Trigger


↖/↑/↗/→/↘/↓/↙ A       Directional Hit (Weak)
← A                   Parry (Weak)
↖/↑/↗/→/↘/↓/↙ B       Directional Hit (Strong)
← B                   Parry (Strong)
↑/↓ C                 Curve
→ C                   Slam
← S                   Super Catch (1 meter)
↖/↑/↗/↘/↓/↙ S         Super Curve (2 meter)
↖/↑/↗/→/↘/↓/↙ A       Directional Hit
← B                   Substition
→ B                   Clone
↖/↑/↗/↘/↓/↙ C         Slide
← S                   Knife (1 meter)
↗/→/↘ S               Ballusions (1 meter)
↖/↑/↗/→/↘/↓/↙ A       Directional Hit
↑/→/↓ B               Directional Wall
← B                   Reflection Wall
↖/↑/↗/→/↘/↓/↙ C       Gun
↑/↗/→/↘/↓ S           Invisiball (1 meter)
← S                   Controllball (2 meter)
↖/↑/↗/→/↘/↓/↙ A       Directional Hit
← A                   Parry
←/↖/↑/↗/→/↘/↓/↙ B, B  Grapple
↖/↑/↗/→/↘/↓/↙ C       Advancing Hit
↑/↓ S                 Swinging Hit (1 meter)
↗/→/↘ S               Extension hit (1 meter)
↖/↑/↗/→/↘/↓/↙ A       Directional Hit (Weak)
← A                   Parry (Weak)
↖/↑/↗/→/↘/↓/↙ B       Directional Hit (Strong)
← B                   Parry (Strong)
↗/→/↘ C               Fastslow
↖/←/↙ C               Slowfast
→ S                   Time freeze (2 meter)
← S                   Time rewind (3 meter)
↖/↑/↗/→/↘/↓/↙ A       Directional Hit
← A                   Bunt
↑/↓ B                 Hook
↗/↘ B                 Slider
S                     Bump (1 meter)
↗/→/↘ S                Superslam (2 meter)
A                     Advancing Hit
↖/↑/↗/→/↘/↓/↙ A       Directional Hit
← A                   Parry
←/↖/↑/↗/→/↘/↓/↙ B     Spawn Dorito
←/↖/↑/↗/→/↘/↓/↙ C     Activate Dorito
→ S                   Red doritos (1 meter)
← S                   Dorito Spam (1 meter)


Rounds are first to 5 points, win by 2

Matches are best 2 out of 3


You can drag windows around, double click the title bar to minimize them

StatusIn development
Rated 4.7 out of 5 stars
(3 total ratings)
GenreSports, Action, Fighting
Made withSDL, Rust
Tags2D, Pixel Art, Tennis
Average sessionAbout a half-hour
InputsKeyboard, Gamepad (any)
AccessibilityInteractive tutorial
MultiplayerLocal multiplayer, Ad-hoc networked multiplayer
Player count1 - 2


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Version 0.28.9


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hello do you plan gnu/linux support soon? otherwise can i find source somewhere to try to compile? thanks

Hi! I'm planning on it eventually, but don't have a linux machine at the moment and I don't want to just blindly cross compile. That being said, it's been tested a bunch in both wine and proton and seems to work very well, the opengl requirements are low.